Donor Portal

Ten things the donor portal should have: “give the gift of making it easy to give”

  1. Account Registration: The donor portal should allow individuals to create an account, providing their contact information and preferences for receiving updates and communications.
  2. Secure Donation Processing: The portal should have a secure and user-friendly interface for making online donations. It should support various payment methods and provide options for one-time donations or recurring contributions.
  3. Scholarship Information: The portal should provide detailed information about the scholarships offered by the Middlesex Community College Foundation, including eligibility criteria, application process, and previous recipients.
  4. Program Support: The portal should highlight the various programs supported by the foundation, such as the food pantry, honor society, vet tech program, optometry program, nursing program, and manufacturing initiatives. It should provide information about the impact of these programs and allow donors to contribute specifically to their preferred program.
  5. Donation History: Donors should be able to access their donation history, including details of past contributions, dates, and amounts. This feature allows donors to track their giving and for tax purposes.
  6. Donor Recognition: The portal can feature a donor recognition section that acknowledges and honors individuals or organizations for their contributions. It can include donor profiles, testimonials, and the option to display donor names on the foundation’s website or other materials.
  7. Communication and Updates: Donors should have access to regular updates and communications from the foundation, including newsletters, impact stories, and upcoming events. The portal can provide a messaging system or email notifications for personalized communication.
  8. Provide Optionality and Flexibility in how donors can give; anonymously or to specific programs and endowed funds.
  9. Fundraising Campaigns: The portal can feature ongoing or seasonal fundraising campaigns, providing details about the specific goals and impact of each campaign. It should enable donors to contribute directly to these campaigns.
  10. Impact Reports: The portal should provide comprehensive impact reports that demonstrate how donor contributions have benefited students, programs, and the community. These reports can include success stories, statistics, and testimonials from scholarship recipients and program beneficiaries.

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