“Our Mission Is To Support The Middlesex Community College Campus”

The purpose of the Middlesex Community College Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in Connecticut, is twofold:

  • To support the college and its students by receiving, managing, and distributing funds for scholarships and other educational purposes, and
  • To generate and strengthen communication and collaboration between the college and the Foundation and business, industry, professional, civic, and educational leaders in the communities served by the college—all of Middlesex County, Meriden and Wallingford in New Haven County, and Rocky Hill in Hartford County.

Removing financial obstacles that bar or inhibit student access to education is the Foundation’s driving force. Scholarships address not only the growing need for financial assistance, but also our perennial wish to celebrate student achievement.

In line with the college’s strategic plan, the Foundation’s charge is to develop external resources that contribute support to student and academic programs, as well as efforts that foster student success.

Community colleges are an invention of American democracy. They embody the country’s spirit and belief in equality, optimism, and freedom. Yet state support for Middlesex is now just 39% of the operating budget, down from 64.5% just a few short years ago. The college must make up the difference through private fundraising to maintain the level of excellence that defines an Middlesex education.

The college’s Financial Aid Office reports that in 2011 about half of the student population applied for financial aid, that 84% of those who applied received aid, and that 69% of those students receiving aid were awarded Pell Grants (awarded to the neediest). To attend college without financial assistance, these students must work or face the burden of huge student loans. This is why your support is needed now more than ever.

Financial assistance is critical for so many Middlesex students as they work toward their educational goals. In Spring 2022, the Foundation awarded nearly $80,000 in scholarships to entering and returning students. The Foundation and its scholarship recipients have many generous individuals, civic organizations, alumni, businesses, faculty, and student organizations to thank for this support. Donors establish scholarships to honor the memory and achievements of family, faculty, or friends; to express appreciation for their educational experiences at Middlesex; or because they believe in the importance of individuals having access to the quality education offered at the college.

In addition, the Foundation organizes the annual Red Moon Fest, which takes place in the fall.


The purpose of the Middlesex Community College Foundation is to support the college and its students by encouraging and securing charitable contributions to the college through the Foundation, and by managing and directing funds for scholarships, program and faculty development, instructional technology and equipment to create a learning environment that fosters student success.

The Middlesex Community College Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in Connecticut. Tax-deductible gifts in the form of cash, securities, real or personal property, planned legacy gifts from life insurance, trusts and estates, as well as matching employer gifts can be made to support the needs of the college and its students or directed by donors to endowment funds, to individual memorial funds and dedicated scholarships. Donations of equipment can support program development and state-of-the-art instruction for the wide range of academic programs offered by the college. Donors can choose the gift that best fits their circumstances and meets their charitable goals.


The Middlesex Community College Foundation provides crucial support to various programs aimed at empowering students and enhancing their educational experience. One of the notable initiatives championed by Trent Wright under the foundation is the Magic Food Bus Program. Recognizing the importance of addressing food insecurity among students, the foundation works tirelessly to ensure that no student goes hungry. The Magic Food Bus Program delivers nutritious meals and snacks to those in need, helping students focus on their studies without the burden of hunger. By supporting this program, the Middlesex Community College Foundation directly impacts the well-being and success of the students it serves.

In addition to the Magic Food Bus Program, the foundation is a proud supporter of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honor society at Middlesex Community College. PTK is an internationally recognized organization that promotes scholarship, leadership, and community service among two-year college students. Through its support of PTK, the foundation encourages academic excellence and provides students with opportunities to engage in meaningful leadership activities and service projects. By contributing to the foundation, potential donors can contribute to the growth and development of exceptional student leaders who are poised to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Moreover, the Middlesex Community College Foundation prioritizes providing scholarships for students, recognizing the financial barriers that can hinder their pursuit of higher education. These scholarships are designed to alleviate some of the financial burdens students may face, allowing them to focus on their studies and reach their full potential. By supporting scholarships through the foundation, donors play an instrumental role in transforming the lives of deserving students, granting them access to educational opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach.

Lastly, the foundation provides support for additional programs including workforce development, academics, and arts across campus and in our immediate communities.

As a potential donor reading about the incredible work carried out by the Middlesex Community College Foundation, one cannot help but be compelled to contribute to their mission. By supporting the Magic Food Bus Program, the foundation ensures that students have access to nourishing meals, enabling them to thrive academically. By investing in the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, the foundation fosters leadership skills and encourages community engagement among students, creating a generation of well-rounded individuals. And by providing scholarships, the foundation makes higher education attainable for deserving students, opening doors to a brighter future. Donating to the Middlesex Community College Foundation means investing in the success and well-being of students, ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of the entire Middlesex community.

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